Saturday, 5 July 2014

Emerald View Resort Villa is a bed and breakfast in Montego Bay that sits on a hill with awesome views of the Caribbean Sea. It is definitely off the beaten path, but that is what makes staying there so unique. Imagine
waking up in the mornings to breath taking views of paradise, an endless horizon, the deep azure of a boundless ocean, the mountains and the outline of the coastline. What a way to start your day!

Why Stay at Emerald View?

At Emerald View we actually help our guest to plan their vacation. Let's face it, our average vacationer if staying for 5 days usually will only have 3 days for activities. The day you arrive and check out are usually not devoted to tours. Most of our guests want tours and activities that they will enjoy, the kind of experiences that make lifetime memories. As a tour guide I listen attentively to what my guests are telling me that they want to do and coordinate the tour for them. In other words, I make it happen!!! Some people on the other hand, do not have a clue what tours they want to do. That too is fine! I sit with them and describe the various tours and activities until bingo! We find something that sparks their interest! You are only going to be here for a short time,  few people have the time  to waste on the internet researching the island. I was born here and know just about everything about Jamaica. Therefore my recommendations work out for most people whether you are renting a car or looking for a tour guide.

Some important Tips:
a) To those renting a car, we drive on the left hand side of the road. Therefore if you cannot drive on the left, look for a tour guide!
b) Our streets are somewhat lacking in terms of road signs! Be prepared to get lost for sometime as few of our roads are visibly marked with names. Be prepared to ask for directions!

Asking for Directions:
This may seem straight forward to most people but with Jamaican this is culturally tinted. If, for example, you ask how many miles from Montego Bay to Falmouth you are likely to receive various responses from 10 to 80 miles. Our distance is measured in kilometers, however, culturally, Jamaicans give directions based on landmarks that are familiar to them. (of which most visitors are clueless!)

 Now if you ask the distance in miles they are likely to confuse both you and themselves!
 Jamaicans are very friendly and willing to give you directions. However, few may not have a clue of how to find the place and refuse to let you know that they do not know They do not try to intentionally get you lost. They are just very laid back people and are overzealous to help. To find somewhere they may direct as "..yes man ..go to the right..then at the ackee tree turn left..and another left at the crossing...." and if you ask how long it should take you to find in terms of hours, again, the time varies depending on who you ask. From the same distance from Montego Bay to Falmouth some people may say 20 minutes other 1 or 2 hrs. Again, they are not trying to maliciously throw you off. They are reflecting on their own experience. A Jamaican who is used to driving is going to say 25 minutes, someone who has to take a bus and is waiting for the bus will say about 1 hour.

Here at Emerald View we aim at educating and encouraging are guest to ask us for directions and offer personal tours at a very affordable price.

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